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Esti Chizic

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Private Yoga in Hamptons

Yoga alone is a beneficial practice, but the additional benefits of private yoga instructor will show you the possibility of real improvement.

One-on-one attention allows you to improve your form and understand alignment.

Great for beginners. Learning in a safe, protected, and informed environment is a sure way to feel actual results from your yoga practice.

Never the same old routine. Esti will ensure concentration on your needs and cravings.

One on One Yoga crafts sequences customized to your skill, goals, and schedule. I provide helpful tools and support for all levels of flexibility.

Practicing yoga can reduce stress and improve concentration. In a private lesson, each session itself is a lesson in detail, focus, precision, and patience.

Private doesn’t necessarily mean solo. I encourage clients to bring a few friends to make the experience intimate but shared.

Private classes take place at a time and location of your choosing. I want to take you on a journey through yoga, and that means eliminating anything that stands in the way. We meet when and where you want – even if that changes.

I provide everything you need for class: mats, straps, blocks, music (or silence).

Who Can Benefit From Private Yoga Lessons?

Private sessions are great for beginners or those who feel more comfortable practicing in an intimate space. Athletes of all sports and levels, and those recovering from an injury will benefit from the close, personal attention attained in these sessions. Professionals and parents with demanding schedules are able to maintain a yoga regimen that fits their busy lives by scheduling sessions that fit their schedules. Moms-to-be also benefit greatly from regular yoga practice in a space they find comfortable.

But benefits are not limited to just those who fall under the aforementioned categories; anyone looking to improve and enhance their yoga practice will find value in a private session:

New Yoga Practice

People who are new to the practice

New Yoga Students

New students worried about injuring themselves

Yoga Poses

Students intimidated by certain poses

Private Yoga Session

Practitioners who cannot find time to attend a regular scheduled class

Yoga Skill Advance

Students who have hit a plateau in their practice & are looking to advance their skill level

Yoga Healing

People recovering from an illness or injury

Private Lesson Rates

Pricing below is for lessons in your home or Esti's studio.
Mats and props are provided. Inquire about pricing for packages.

60 min Lesson


$40 for each additional participant


Esti will work around your personal schedule so you can easily integrate a regular practice into your day.

The Advantages of Private Lessons

Private lessons will allow your practice to deepen and evolve at your own pace.
You will begin with a personal consultation with Esti,
and from there she will design a practice explicitly tailored to your individual body requirements,
strengths, fitness goals and injuries. By personalizing your program
you will attain optimum results faster and more efficiently.