Lessons Method

Personal Yoga Lessons in Costa Rica

Yoga Lessons Method

The sixth limb of yoga - dharana - means “one pointed attention.”

People often have to decide between yoga or their business schedule, simply due to time or location. Plus your combination of goals, flexibility, and fitness levels are unique to you, so the way you practice should be too.

Each session is individualized, crafted with heart and experience - with YOU in mind.

My detail-oriented approach is perfect for those new to yoga, or even those just looking to refine their practice. At One on One Yoga, I come to you so that you can namaste where you’d like.

Private Yoga Sessions
Corporate Yoga Sessions
Residential Yoga Sessions

The Advantages of Private Lessons

Private lessons will allow your practice to deepen and evolve at your own pace.
You will begin with a personal consultation with Esti,
and from there she will design a practice explicitly tailored to your individual body requirements,
strengths, fitness goals and injuries. By personalizing your program
you will attain optimum results faster and more efficiently.